How to Keep Your Bulldog Cool in the Summer

Heat strokes are one of the leading causes of bulldog deaths during warm weather. Because they are susceptible to overheating, it is important to keep your dog hydrated and out of the heat. To do this, make sure that your bulldog has access to cool, clean water to drink, and a maybe a pool or basin where he can cool off whenever he needs to.

French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog is a small dog related to the Bulldog. Although they look small and cute they are very strong, dominant and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs, yet they remain a great family companion which doesn't require lots of exercise. Frenchies as they are called come in a variety of colors.

Bulldog Cooling Bandana

When the scorching heat of the summer sun is causing troubles to your pet bulldog, have no fear! The bulldog cooling bandana is here!

Bulldog Exercise

Bulldogs are dog breeds that are known to be lazy and stubborn. They do not like physical activities that they would rather sleep and lie down. In order to encourage your bulldog to exercise, you need to follow steps or tricks to achieve it. First, start making your bulldog exercise while he or she is still a puppy or at an early age. Dogs are known to be animals of habit and it is better to develop the habit of exercising while your lovable dog is still young and has not developed the trait of being lazy and stubborn.
Second, make your bulldog do moderate exercise because their body structures does not allow them to do strenuous exercise. For the reason that this dog breed has short legs, a big head and a stout nose, they often have a shortness of breath. It is best to walk your dog rather than running.
Third, consider weather conditions when taking your dog to exercise. Bulldogs are very sensitive to heat and are very vulnerable to heart attacks and heat strokes.
Lastly, provide good nutrition and adequate rest for your dog to enable them to grow healthier, and cope and counter with physical stress like exercising.

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Training a Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are great companions. But because of their size and mass, they can be hard to control. Expert breeders suggest training your bullmastiff early on. So when it grows older –and bigger- they wouldn’t be so hard to manage. Here are a few pointers on how you can easily train your bullmastiff.

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Dog Food Recall

With the recent spell of product recall by certain dog food manufacturers, maybe it is high time you switched your dog from regular dog food to the raw meat or BARF diet. Know the causes of the recalls, or if your brand is among the recalled products through this article.

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Microchipping your Bulldog

One of our worst nightmares must be when our bulldog suddenly runs off without us knowing. We come home to an empty house and realize that we just lost our pet. What do we do? Ask the neighbors, call the pound and local animal shelter…but why not save yourself too much trouble and microchip your pooch?

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Ways To Save On Pet Medication Costs

Medication and veterinary services can sometimes be as expensive, if not more, than your own medical bills. This is something most serious pet owners probably already know. Cut the cost of your pet’s veterinary care and medicine cost by following these easy tips.

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Traveling With Your Bulldog

Dogs get pretty lonely when they don’t get to see their human very often or after a long time. If you’re the kind of pet owner that travels a lot, you know how anxious they get when you leave home. So why not take your pooch on your next travel? Here are things to consider if you’re planning to take your bulldog with you on your next vacation –or perhaps just on a weekend trip.

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Pet Insurance

Veterinary bills can sometimes get ridiculously high at times. But because we would like to guarantee that our bulldogs get the treatment they deserve, we continue to provide it to the best of our capabilities. But it’s a good thing that we can now purchase insurance plans for our pets. Read on if you want to learn more about pet insurance.

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Puppy Biting

While biting and nipping may seem cute way of playing at first, it may become troublesome when your dog is grown up and has gotten used to such a habit. This can then develop into a serious behavioral problem if not addressed properly. Learn how you can effectively address puppy biting while it is still early.

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Transforming a French Bulldog - Cesar Milan

While French bulldogs may look cute, calm, and reserved, not all dogs are well behaved as they are portrayed on TV. Most pet owners will tell you that most of their dogs –even the cutest ones- started out with very bad behavior issues that needed to be controlled. This video shows how proper training can have instant effects on a dog’s behavior.

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Choosing a Bulldog Puppy Name

A name says a lot about a pet. From its looks to its attitude, a name may be able to sum up the whole character of your pet. For bulldogs, a name is very important. They are able to recognize themselves with it when you call their attention. Here are some ideas on how and what to name your bulldog pup.

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